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NAQUASONE is use For the treatment of exocrine gland hydrops throughout the pre and postnatal amount in farm cows.

Dosage: Inject ten to twenty mL, intramuscularly, in step with the severity of the edema, and therefore the on top of indefinite quantity is also repeated, as directed by the Veterinarian.
Response to treatment is typically obtained 24-48 hours when initiation of treatment.
In most cases the result seems in three-4 days, if the solution isn’t evident among 3 days, it’s counseled to canvass the animal.

Contraindications for NAQUASONE:
Prolonged use, indiscriminate use or high dosing of Hexadrol might manufacture aspect effects cherish masking of signs of infection (suppression of inflammation, reduction of fever), retardation of convalescence, reduction of current lymphocytes, potential decrease in resistance to dexamethasone. microorganism and plant infection.
Improper use and high dosages of trichloromethiazide over an extended amount of your time may produce solution depletion. In animals with severe excretory organ impairment, the administration of diuretics such as trichloromethiazide is contraindicated. It is usually recommended that the doctor verify if there’s edema-associated infection: if any, VZZZZ antimicrobial medical care ought to be used.

Grace Periods for NAQUASONE:
Milk – Milk from treated animals shouldn’t be consumed till three days when the last application of this product.

don’t USE IN LAST physiological state QUARTER (MAY BE utilized in LAST 5 DAYS).

Store in a very cool, dry place, protected against sunlight, out of reach of kids and pets.

Presentation for NAQUASONE :
ten metric capacity unit bottles.


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