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Tildren Indication

To aid in the treatment of lameness associated with osteolytic processes observed in bone spavin and in navicular syndrome of less than 6 months.


The powder contains: Tiludronic Acid (as disodium Acid) 50 mg.
The solvent vial contains: water for injection 10 ml.
The solution after reconstitution contains: Tiludronic acid 5 mg/ml

Instructions for use

0.1 mg of tiludronic acid per kg of body weight per day for 10 days by slow intravenous route, i.e. 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight per day of a reconstituted solution containing 5 mg/ml of tiludronic acid.


The reconstituted solution is obtained by adding under aseptic conditions the solvent to the powder and gently mixing them.


– The product should be administered over 20 to 30 seconds for 10 ml.

– The side of the site of injection must be alternated from day to day.

– The product should be used immediately and not stored after reconstitution.

– Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


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