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Where to Buy URN8 a hundred ml Online
Buy URN8 a hundred ml Online from us at very aggressive fees. We are a hundred% reliable and green dealer of overall performance dietary supplements for equine sports. We provide the high-quality marketplace fees and provide a large cut price for bulk buyers. Packaging and transport are very discreet and skip all custom or regulation enforcement. Delivery via normal and explicit airmail inside 2-three commercial enterprise days from dispatch.

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What is URN8 a hundred ml?
URN8 reasons a brief dieresis (immoderate urine production). When administered earlier than exercising, diuresis consequences in a discount in blood quantity which might also additionally assist lessen the occurrence of exercising precipitated pulmonary haemhorrage (EIPH).

To people who love herbal natural mixtures, you may discover right here a herbal diuretic, crafted from a mix of herbs. It has no anti inflammatory drugs (dexamethasone) and it isn’t tested.

How to apply URN8 a hundred ml
Small camels: five ml earlier than the closing exercising withinside the vein and given five ml earlier than the race via way of means of 24 hours.
Camels medium: (10 ml earlier than the palace) and five ml earlier than the race with 24 hours withinside the vein.
Large camels (lactation and trunk): 15 ml earlier than the palace .. 10 ml earlier than the race is given 24 hours withinside the vein.


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